Who We Are

If necessity is the mother of invention, frustration is the mother of a better way of doing business.

About fifteen years ago, Location 8 founding partners David and Erik were creative leaders at one of the Mid-Atlantic’s most respected agencies. The client list read like a collection of household names from Sperry to Remington to Fila and DuPont.

But following a few rounds of mergers and quasi-hostile takeovers, David and Erik found themselves further and further from the clients they were trying to help.

So they left and started Location 8 – a creative services company named after the ridiculous code the now-jettisoned parent company pinned on the once proud agency.

Today David and Erik run an advertising, design and digital cinema production company that offers clients direct access to senior level creative professionals. Location 8 draws from a deep pool of talented designers, editors, writers, photographers and other creative professionals all selected to match their skills to a client’s needs.


Erik Vaughn 

Partner | Creative Director

Erik is a creative director and art director with more than thirty years of experience creating advertising, corporate identity, web and collateral design for major clients including Fila Sports USA, DuPont, Adidas, Boathouse Sports, Benjamin Moore, Dansko, and W.L. Gore and Associates. He also has a background in business which fuels his results-focused approach.



David Swajeski

Partner | Creative Director + Filmmaker

As a Creative Director, David works on projects including advertising campaigns, short film and documentary projects, branding initiatives and online digital content development.

He has directed projects for global brands including: BMW, Benjamin Moore & Co., Daniel K, DuPont, Fila USA, Fashion Group International, JP Morgan Chase, Pep Boys, Ronald McDonald House, Jefferson Awards, Gore-Tex and Mercedes Benz.

An award winning filmmaker, he has produced over 200 commercial and documentary short films. His feature film “Dressed” premiered theatrically in New York, and continues to screen digitally around the globe. His work has been shown at film festivals in New York, Chicago, Los Angles, Sonoma, Warsaw and Singapore.